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The Right Claim


The Right Claim are independent home insurance experts. They manage home insurance claims on behalf of householders to ensure they receive all they are entitled to from their insurance company. From organising emergency repairs to managing the correspondence and meetings with the insurance company, The Right Claim work to protect your rights as the policy holder.


181,004 impressions across 6 campaigns

a cost of only £177.57

over 21,000 actions and almost 29,000 reach

average cost per action of only £0.67!


The aim of this project was to launch and establish The Right Claim in Scotland. Currently based in Essex their goal was to launch their brand and service in Scotland. This required us initially to create a new brand and logo for them, design, write and build their website.

Once this was completed we created, delivered and managed their social media ensuring there were regular posts and blogs. In addition to their social media we also wrote, delivered and measured their email marketing which kept interested potential clients engaged and informed.

We also worked with The Right Claim to manage their online advertising. The aim of the online advertising was to drive traffic to their website and generate enquiries. We managed their Facebook advertising and their Google banner advertising.

Challenges and points of interest

One of the significant challenges on this project was firstly taking a new service and concept to market. Most householders have no idea they are entitled to an independent insurance expert so they aren’t looking for one.

The other challenge with this project was getting our message in front of the right people at the right time as this is a time sensitive service which depends on householders making a claim on their home insurance and being aware of their rights.

The strategy we therefore took was one whereby the marketing focused on generating an audience online and educating them about their rights and how the insurance companies work.


  • The Right Claim’s google campaign achieved a lifetime reach of 181,004 impressions across 6 campaigns from November 2015 to September 2016, with 618 interactions at a cost of only £177.57.
  • After the serious flooding throughout the UK, The RightClaim were able to target their campaigns directly at the areas affected, to lend their help and support reinforced with a Facebook advertising message which saw a huge reach of 25,621 with almost 17,000 taking action on the post for a grand total of only £53.
  • With target audiences depicted by up-to-date news and trends, Facebook advertising expended 35 campaigns with over 21000 actions and almost 29,000 reach at an average cost per action of only 0.67!

across 6 campaigns

a cost of only

actions and almost
29,000 reach

average cost per
action of only

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Logo and brand design

Website design and build


Social media posts

Email marketing

Facebook advertising

Google banner advertising

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