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Livgas offer a local gas engineering service in Livingston and the surrounding area. The purpose of the campaign was to increase their brand awareness and launch their new boiler cover service.


24.4% email open rate – double the current industry average.

98449 impressions and 336 click through

Just 0.12p per click for a total of £40


We created an online campaign for Livgas promoting their services. We created an online advertising campaign on Facebook targeting the local area.

In May 2016 Livgas was o ered an exclusive deal with Glow Worm boilers with a target to sell nine boilers within 3 months. This target was achieved and Livgas went on to sell 15 number of Glowworm boilers in only 8 weeks.

In addition to the online marketing we also created and managed their social media content. We also wrote, designed and managed their email marketing which included sending emails to customers to review their service via Livgas’s Google + page which increased their Google rating.

Challenges and points of interest

One of the challenges with this campaign was to persuade customers to buy their gas boiler service locally. We therefore had to create a strong marketing message which customers recognised as part of the Livgas brand.

We also had the challenge of reaching the Glow-worm boiler target which we achieved while also increasing their brand awareness.


  • Our advertising used very targeted messages and audiences in Google and Facebook advertising, social media content and email marketing. Livgas email marketing is currently exceeding industry standards with industry average for email opens currently merely 18.2, but Livgas have achieved 24.4%, with an average link click of 3.1%, double the current industry average.
  • To create the Livgas marketing message to buy locally,
    a set of Google adverts have so far achieved, 98449 impressions and 336 click through at just 0.12p per click for a total of £40. Our Google advertising campaign, to support the exclusive Livgas deal with Glow worm boilers received 172,783 impressions and 654 interactions, further aided by 2 Facebook boosted post resulting a reach of 7800 people with 234 post interactions.
  • With recent new builds in Livgas’ geographic target market, we launched a campaign to educate homeowners on their new boiler responsibilities and promote Livgas’ boiler services achieving 2,834 reach and a huge 165 conversions at only 17p per conversions.


double the current
industry average.

impressions and 336
click through

just 0.12p per click
for a total of £40

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Facebook advertising

Google banner advertising

Email marketing

Social media

“The attention to detail for planning our marketing campaign has
been fantastic and to see the implementation of those plans is exciting for our business.
Uniq Marketing and Design provides the complete marketing solution for any business and I have no hesitation in recommending their company.”

Allan Grierson Livgas

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